Driver Recruitment

Step 1

Complete the pre-application form.

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Once you have completed the pre-application process above please fill out the driver application.


Step 2

Complete the follow-up intake form.

Intake Application

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DOT# & Safety Rating

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Certificate of SCAC Renewal

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All drivers: Will need their Driver License, Medical Card & Long Form, Drug Testing Chain of custody form, Social Security Card or Passport & any Safety / Certification cards from previous training or employers.
SAND – BULK TANK: If you are looking for employment with the Sand or Dry Bulk division you will need your PEC Safeland Card and your Passport
TANKER-FLATBED: If you are applying for the Tanker or Flat Bed divisions it is recommended that you obtain your Passport, TWIC, and your PEC Safeland Certification If you don't have any of those please begin the process now. Information is below for agency and contact information.

Passport – Erie Main Post Office
TWIC – Transportation Worker Identification Credential — (855) 347-8371 to find a location and make an appointment
SeaLink – Truck Service Center — Port Authority Phone 908 354-4044
PEC Safeland Training – PEC Safety — NOW training BT drivers in-house — 814-347-5254

If you are looking to join the Barnhart team and need a plate, please make sure you bring the following with you:

  1. Driver's License
  2. ORIGINAL TITLE – Front and Back
  3. 2290 PAYMENT receipt – Must have the payment stamp or watermark
  4. Lease / Purchase Agreement if the truck is owned by someone else
  5. A picture of your truck
  6. VIN TAG PICTURE- from the driver's side door frame of the truck.

Please plan on being here for more than one day to complete your orientation once hired. If you have all the information to us in advance or at the latest on your signup day, the process goes much smoother. All applications for employment must be Signed and Properly Dated. Improperly filled forms will not be considered.